Individual Membership

If you are in the market for business and personal relationships with those who share your professional goals, professional recognition, enriching educational opportunities, and first rate publications, IIA membership is the best professional investment.

You will find that your small membership fee will be easily repaid many times over through knowledge sharing and experience exchange with your fellow members alongwith access to education, knowledge & other advantages of membership at local & global level.

Your involvement in the Institute will help ensure your success as an Internal Auditing Professional. Value is derived by those members who allocate their time to participate & volunteer in IIA activities.

Who can be a Member?

For qualifying to become a member of IIA India, you should:

➤ Be a Graduate, a professional degree holder from any recognised University/Institute.
➤ Have some working experience in Accounts/Finance/Internal Audit streams.

Individual Membership Fee Structure:

Fee Structure for Individual Membership for the financial year 2022-23 is as under:

Annual Fee (Rs) Two Year Fees (Rs) Three Year Fees (Rs) Note
Existing Member 4,000 7,750 11,250 Renewal in March or thereafter
Q1 New Members 4,000 7,750 11,250 Mar to Jun each year
Q2 New Members 3,000 6,750 10,250 July to Sept each year
Q2 New Members 2,000 5,750 9,250 Oct to Dec each year
Q2 New Members 1,000 4,750 8,250 Jan to Mar each year
Entrance Fees 1,500 1,000 750

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