Advocacy is defined by The IIA as instilling pride in the internal audit profession, encouraging change and building relationships with organizations and stakeholders that impact the profession globally.

There’s a lot you can do as an individual to build internal audit awareness. When you make a concerted effort to depict internal auditing accurately to people outside the profession, you heighten others’ understanding of the profession and influence opinions.

From the skills and insight you exhibit when communicating with your audit clients to your confidence and commitment in making recommendations to executive management, you are influencing the perceptions others have of internal auditing. The ways in which you demonstrate professionalism, patience, compassion, diligence, leadership, and integrity significantly contribute to your image and the trust you garner throughout your organization. When your audit clients understand the true value you offer, and see you as part of the solution, not only will they be more open and cooperative, but they will welcome your input and suggestions.