Corporate Sponsored Membership


Any Corporate organisation in India (hereafter called the 'Organisation') having an established Internal Audit activity/department with at least two employees and desirous of enrolling them, and their substitutes from time to time, each of whom must be eligible for admission as member of IIA India under its criteria is eligible to apply under Corporate Sponsored Membership (CSM)

Applications for Membership

The organisation desiring to sponsor its eligible individual nominees for membership under CSM shall submit their applications in duplicate in the prescribed form along with the applicable admission fee and the first annual subscription to the Chapter which is nearest (viz, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata) and specify the addressee to whom all communications for the sponsoring organisation as well as the nominated individual members should be addressed.

Corporate Sponsored Membership Fees structure:

Fee Structure for Corporate Membership for the financial year 2021-22 is as under:

No. of Corporate Members Entrance Fees (For New Members Only) - After Discount Annual Fee @Rs. 4000/- per member (New as well as Renewal) + GST (18%)
Upto 5* 1,750 per person 4,000 per person
6 to 10 8,750 + 1,500 per member above 5 20,000 + 3,800 per member above 5
11 to 15 16,250 + 1,250 per member above 10 39,000 + 3,600 per member above 10
Above 15 to 25 22,500 + 1,000 per member above 15 57,000 + 3,400 per member above 15

The Members joining in Q2, Q3 & Q4 of the financial year will be charged Annual Fees @75%, 50% and 25% of the above given rates respectively. Entrance fees will be charged in full, irrespective of the date of joining.

Substitution of Sponsored Members by the Organisation An organisation desiring to withdraw the name of any of its nominee and substitute it by that of another eligible individual employee may do so, and such substitution shall take effect from the start of the next accounting year of IIA India following the receipt of such intimation, without payment of further admission fee for such substitute, provided the organisation had submitted the substitute's application form along with the declaration and a transfer registration fee of Rs.50 in respect of each such substitution.

Membership Certificate

IIA India through the concerned chapter, will issue only one membership certificate to the organisation, with an accompanying list of individual members and their respective membership numbers.

Reduction in Number of Nominated Individuals Deletions (without substitution) of names of nominees will be effected on written intimation by the organisation, however no refund of annual subscription will be made.

Increase over Maximum Number of Nominees under each Sub Category

When an organisation nominates an individual for membership over the maximum number under its then applicable Sub-Category, so as to come under a higher one, the organisation shall pay the excess of the admission fee payable under that other Sub-Category over that earlier paid.

All mail to one address Intimated by the Organisation

All communications and mail, including publications, intended for individual members admitted under CSM will be sent to one addressee designated by the organisation which shall solely be responsible for forwarding its nominated individual members unless otherwise specified in the application.

Status of Individual Member on withdrawal of Sponsorship by the OrganisationAn individual nominated by an organisation and admitted to membership shall cease to be a member if his nomination is withdrawn by the Organisation, but he may apply to IIA India to continue as an individual member, in his own right, by paying appropriate admission fee and subscription.

Amendment of these Terms & Conditions

IIA India and its chapters reserve the right to amend the Terms & Conditions of CSM as and when they think fit; provided that no such amendment shall adversely impact benefits for the existing period for which the fee has already been paid

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