The Institute is managed by Board of Governors who are elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting each year. The Governors are all professionals both and provide honorary services.


Name IIA Bombay Position Phone Email ID
Pooja Dharewa Volunteer – Publication Committee 9004686986
Seema Bassi Volunteer – Conference Committee 7259716716

Executive Committee

Name IIA Bombay Position Phone Email ID
Percy Amalsadiwalla President 9819118183
V. Swaminathan Sr. Vice President 9819825526
Nehal Shah Vice President
Mukundan.K.V Secretary 9967126411
Dharmesh Jadav Joint Secretary 9930847446
Sandeep Gupta Treasurer 9702730000
Jitendra Agavane Joint Treasurer 9833992987


Name IIA Bombay Position Email ID
Social Media Committee
Ashish Shah Chair
Nehal Shah Mentor
Rahul . D Support
Niraj Salot Support
Training & Webinar Committee
Abha Sarda Chair
Percy A Mentor
Nikhil kenjale Support
Aruna shah Support
Ritu Sethi Support
Dhaval Shah Support
Chintan Nisar Support
Publications Committee
Satyajit G. Chair
Manoj Agarwal Mentor
Harshit Baxi Support
Koushik . B Support
Madhavi . B Support
Nitin Gupta Support
Shabbar Vohra Support
India Integration Committee
Adithya Bhat Chair
V swaminathan Mentor
Kshyab Vaidhya Support
CEO Support
Women’s Forum Committee
Vijayalakshmi Chair
Abha Sarda Mentor
Neeyati Kothari Support
Anju Ramdasi Support
Neha Shah Support
Samantha Gonsalves -
Khushboo Barahate -
Conference & Events Committee
Manish Solanki Chair
Burzin Dubash Mentor
Rajeev kakkad Support
Naveen Malpani Support
Paresh Chawla Support
Zayax Somra Support
Samantha Gonsalves - -
Khushboo Barahate - -
Membership & Advocacy Committee
Chetan Thakkar Chair
Akhilesh Thakur Mentor
Ashish Jain Support
Tejash Shah Support
Smriti Parikh Support
Sharad Mathur Support
Sanjeev Koshe Support
Prashant Daftary Support