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Past Newsletters

IIA Bombay Newsletter April 2017

Mr. Sunil Gaitonde- The first quarter of every year is always a very hectic one with the annual conference of the IIA India as well as those of different chapters lined up one after another. The annual conference of the IIA India, held at Chennai was a grand success with over 350 delegates attending it. Kudos to the organizers for successfully organizing such an event on such a large scale.
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IIA Bombay Newsletter June 2017

30 May, 2013. Mr. Sunil Gaitonde- Hope our members enjoyed their summer vacations and are now back in the saddle, refreshed. I also hope that all of you have renewed your membership of the IIA by now. If not, please do so, immediately as the time is running out. Names of the members who have not renewed their membership by payment of annual membership fees may be moved out of the list, depriving them of all the benefits that the IIA members get.
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