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IIA India follows financial year April to March for membership. Every year an existing member has to renew his membership in April after receiving a circular of the membership fees from the chapter.

Individual Membership

Here the Individual pays as per the individual fee structure for himself.
For becoming a member of IIA, an individual will have to complete the individual application form attached herewith and return it to us along with fee payment.

Individual membership form

ESGI (Employer Sponsored Group of Individuals) / Corporate Fee Structure

Here the company sponsors a certain number of employees from their organisation for membership. For becoming a member of IIA as a Corporate Member, the Company has to complete & submit the ESGI Membership Form signed by the person nominating the employees.
Additionally, every nominated employee has to complete an individual application form. Their details are needed to be added to our members database & also to be submitted to IIA Inc., USA for getting their Membership ID & PIN.

ESGI Membership Form


This form must be completed by all entrants, regardless of Award Category selection. All entries will then be considered for the prizes. Click on the link below to download the form.
Excellence Award — Entry Form

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